Gisella Motta


Our endeavours have a way of never disappointing us when we channel our passion full into them. Gisella Motta developed a passion for photography early on in life - it was love at first sight when the flame was kindled. She was attending middle high school and the technical-arts teacher introduced the class to the ABC’s of photography. What a nice thing! The year after that she received a much-coveted gift as a prize for passing the exams at school - her first Nikon camera. It didn’t take long before she pulled off her first success, placing well in the photo contest “Take a Photo of Your Dog”, announced by the weekly Domenica del Corriere and the publication of her first photo in the Quattrozampe monthly dog magazine.
Passion soon leaped into profession: the opportunity came from Scenari, a local magazine established in the nineties in Stresa - next to the Lake Maggiore - and focused on capturing all aspects of the lake, the surrounding mountains. Surely an excellent training ground for a young lady grappling with her first photo essays on nature and tourism.... Such exquisitely thought-out compositions did not pass unnoticed, and soon enough someone presented them to the travel magazine Bell’Italia, which in turn led to stints with other leading magazines...
Nowadays, she is mainly concerned with travelling and tourism. She reports with interest about mountains, snow, and winter sports, but without neglecting all other situations a travelling photographic journalist may encounter step by step. Photos of inner spaces, folk events, reports on skis and in mountain roped parties. A special experience was that of photographing in Miami, at the end of the year 2000, the Voyager of the Seas, which is maybe still one of the greatest cruise ships in the world.

Un viaggio nell`eolico sostenibile

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